Is This Burning An Eternal Flame?

I am not doing well with most of The Daily Post Word of the day prompts. With one word there are a million directions it can go in. 

For example, today’s word– Fire. My pseudo-brother, who I believe I have spoken about before, used to play in a band called Goodfire. They played surf music, some rock n’ roll. All in all, they were a great band, but it wasn’t meant to be. 

Then, there is just the term fire. Burning. Hot. Flames. Cooking. Raw. Meat. Protein. All of these things can be discussed when talking about fire. Should I write a post on them all? 

And finally, we get to the fire that everyone who follows my blog expects me to write about– The Fires Of Hell!! The Bible says those who don’t follow Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior will experience these fires for a long time. 

I used to be one who would warn people of the coming trouble, but then I thought, you can only fight a fire with water, not more fire. Love is how to get through to people. Listen to them. Hear where they are coming from. Hear their pain. Jesus did this. He only condemned those who went around condemning others. 

When we get a holier-than-thou attitude we are the ones who end up getting burned. When you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned. Trying to threaten someone with pain, or eternal torcher is a great way to get burned ourselves. We must remember that in these times. A little love, listening and silence can go a long way. We are too quick to listen to offer a response, when what is needed is just someone to allow those in pain to vent. Can we do that? When we do that, the flames of pain will cease and the flames of love will grow. 

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