Bad Character Trait.

We seem to be seeing it more and more, the world has become quite lofty!! Listen, people. We need to come to a realization that we are all God’s creation. Not a single one of us is better than any other. And yet, so many people have placed themselves on a status of loftiness that it is driving us all apart. 

We have this group against that group. We have this person who is now against that person. This is not how it’s meant to be!!! When and how can we level the field of humanity? And it’s not even a playing field, because this is not a game!! People’s lives are at stake. All because we are being taught that some people hate other people and still other people think they are better than these other people. Knock it off!!! 

I miss the days so terribly when we could discuss something with people, disagree about it, state our case and move on!! Now, if you do this or that, you’re against me!! Knock it off!! What if it is us against ourselves? Or what if, just what if, there are stronger forces than some of us have recognized working us against one another?! Stop!! 

You are not as lofty as you think. We are all one humanity. And we all deserve to survive and we all deserve to have our basic needs met- Food, Water, Shelter, Love. That’s it! That’s the list!! If you see someone without any one of those things, give it to them!! The world is not out to get you!! It wants some compassion!! If you have that, give it!! One world, one humanity. Can we do that?? Stop the lofty crap! 

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