Loose Lips Still Sink Ships. 

I fear where The United States is headed. We are not One Nation Under God, Indivisible anymore. Any why? Because we have allowed our words to become tart. 

Our words cut like daggers to the soul. We use our words now to inflict pain, when we should be using our words to edify and show love and mercy to one another. 

The tartness of our words comes from the long-standing tartness of our souls. Our minds predict our actions and we have let our minds stray so far away from the perfectness, the greatness of God. We believe now we are God. And yet, nothing could be further from The Truth. For The Truth, The Way and The Life IS God!! 

Can we dull the tartness of our words and actions before it is too late? I fear not. There is far too many holes to repair in this ship and she is sinking faster than ever now. Do we abandon ship, or go down with her? 


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