Clean The World. 




We live in a world of pollution now. Our world is filthy!! Why? Because we have had two, maybe even three generations now that do not care. They simply do not care! 

If they have to move more than three steps to clean it up, whatever it is, will remain filthy! 

I’ve seen people just drop candy wrappers, or their McDonald’s bag on the ground– and then walk right by a trash receptical!! 

We gripe and moan about having clean water and how we are polluting our world and yet, we have no problem throwing our trash into a landfill. Can you see the disconnect in our filth?? 

We need to be all in on this. God gave us this planet. God made us stewards of this planet. Trash can be burned to create heat. All heat, every ounce of heat created– is energy. Where do we have a crisis going on other than pollution? THAT’S RIGHT– ENERGY!!! 

How do we purify water? We heat it up. Another problem solved. It all comes down to heat! Enough heat pushed against some coal and you have diamonds. Heat and pressure can make all things beautiful. 

So, I am applying some heat and pressure to anyone who reads this– recycle! Reuse! Repurpose!! There is more than enough for all of us and if we don’t throw everything out like we have been we won’t have to deal with so much filthiness. Agreed? 


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