What We Must Do.

I was doing research for today’s Daily Post Word OSTENTATIOUS and I came across this–

Ostentatious is defined as characterized by vulgar or pretentious display; designed to impress or attract notice. I admit, I used to be quite ostentatious myself. Having been born with a disability if not reigned in, can cause severe ostentataciousness. Often times a person with a disability can feel as though they have been cast aside by society. So, we over-compensate by trying to prove we can do things that we were not meant to do. For me, it was this:

I assure you, my intentions with having a farmer put me up in the tractor with him for a few days a few years ago was not ostentatious, but I can see where it can be perceived as such. I simply love farming in the fields. Most of my greatest memories of my life take place on tractors. I’m a farmer at heart, not ostentatious. 

But, enough about me. Let’s talk about our planet. If our planet and all the people who reside here for now are only concerned with their own well-being that is a form of ostentatiousness as well, I believe. I have been watching a show called You Live In What? And yes, there are some who have decided to take a minimalist point of view and live in a small space, but others make me question, ‘Why would you do that??’ Who needs a four-story, previously used as a government center, building as their house? I found the caboose house to be pretty cool, but yet again, a little ostentatious, am I right? 

And let’s talk about celebrities with this one. Yes, there are many, many, MANY giving celebrities in our world. There are many who give away a large portion of their monetary gain to help others. Can that be viewed as ostentatious? If the cameras are rolling and it makes world news, sure, it can. But, if a person gives what they have out of the goodness of their heart, that is what God calls us to do. He loves a cheerful giver. 

I need to work on this, myself. In the church my wife and I attend we are attempting to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus in our communities. The offering box is never passed around because God know the circumstances of our hearts. He know what we can and what we do give. It doesn’t need to be paraded around so everyone can see what should be given in secret. I love that about our church. It is the least ostentatious place I have seen. 

Can our world begin to work on this and work together so ostentatious events can pass away into the ether? What can you do today, in secret, to help your fellow human beings? I hope this will open a dialog among us all so we can give cheerfully to those who don’t have what they need to survive. We all have a right to live, but that is going to take all of us to work together and lose our ostentatious desires. We can no longer do things to be seen by the eyes of man. We must now do things to help others see the heart of Jesus. 

2 thoughts on “What We Must Do.

  1. Britni and Joshua are people who I admire. I hope that you read this post and know that you have just encountered a couple who are givers. For this, I am thankful. I pray that GOD gives back to them generously.

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