Ostentatious Blogging. 

I just read a post about finding your ideal audience. When I write, I write for every human being in the world. I have an audience and I want it to be all of humanity, because we can all benefit from growing and learning how to help one another and be an inspiration to everyone in the world. Is that ostentatious of me? 

One thought on “Ostentatious Blogging. 

  1. I understand what you are saying because if I write a positive quote I want it to be beneficial to every living person, not just a special group. On the other hand if I was to give a speech I would have to know who my audience is so that I could tailor my message accordingly.
    Maybe it all depends on the purpose of our blog because if your blog deals with abuse or health issues then your purpose for blogging could be to provide info or assistance to people who have been abused or raped.
    I really don’t know, just saying. All I know is that I write for everyone because everyone needs a little motivation…that’s me!
    Happy Weekend to you!!!

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