Service-based Industry. 

When you are in a service-based industry people do not care if technology is not working. 

People do not care if you are having a rough day. You need to act like their event is the biggest thing to happen in your life. 

Tonight I D.J’d a show for karaoke and music at a local VFW. We had a snowstorm today. I wasn’t feeling well. And, the internet signal was down so I couldn’t download songs or even search for songs in the database. Did anyone care? No. they wanted their music. They wanted their songs and they didn’t care if I had to commit a crime to get them! 

I put on a happy face and muddled through it. Why? Because I am in the service industry and people do not care, they just want their service. And rightly so. I was paid good money to let people sing whatever they wanted and hear whatever songs they wanted. So when I couldn’t deliver, they got upset! 

Always always always make sure you have a backup plan!!! When you offer a service to people, that service had better be provided!! 

Tonight was definitely one of the worst technological shows I have ever done, and it won’t happen again. I will smile. I will have fun and I will fake it and offer better solutions next time. 


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