Yesterday’s News. 

Yesterday I wrote a piece on the service-based industry. I believe that can fit in with today’s Daily Post Word, Ostentatious, as well. 

When we are in a service-based business, we must continually ask ourselves, Am I doing this to be seen by the eyes of man, or is it the right thing to do for man in the eyes of God? Ostentatious-living seeks to gain applause for itself. Lady Gaga, for example, she wrote a song called Applause. In the song she openly and proudly admits, I did it all for the applause.. maybe, I am missing the point of the song, but, to me, that’s quite ostentatious. 

There are some artists who do what they do to help others. It has been said that Johnny Depp will take his Captain Jack Sparrow costume and visit hospitals. That is a good thing! When I was a child I had visits in the hospital from Minnesota Vikings football players and Minnesota Twins players. They did it because it would bring a smile and a moment to forget what pain the children in the hospital were in. They didn’t do it for applause, they did it because it was the right thing to do. 

Are you in a service-based position? Why do you do what you do? Is it for the money, or the applause? Or, is it something more? Do you do your service so others can feel good, if only for a moment? If it is the latter, congratulations! What you do is good and well and creates a better world. The service-based industry needs to understand and use as a business model that what it does is for all people. It needs to understand that what it does needs to make our world a better place, one service call at a time. If it doesn’t and it’s only happening for appearance, or money, it is for the wrong reasons. What a world that would be if we could all live in the service of others, correct? 


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