As I Sit In The Heat. 

As I feel the heat rise impurities are sweat from my body. As my flesh is scorched my soul takes rise to meet the challenge. 

Just like a refiner’s fire takes impurities from metal, when we are in the heat of battle the fight causes us to become tough as impurities that fight against us are strewn across the landscape. 

What challenges are you facing today? Will you allow yourself the time to stand still and reflect as the war rages on around you? When you are safe in The Master’s Hands you cannot be harmed in any way. 

Just as Daniel was in the lion’s den, so can you be at peace. We live in a world that rages on, but that is only because evil knows it cannot win. Selfish desires must be perished in the percolating fires that will bring about peace. Are you standing in the fire as a lighthouse of comfort and peace? It is here where God’s grace can be found. 

I have no idea where the above came from other than The Holy Spirit whispering to my soul. If this gave you peace or caused you to contemplate new beginnings, give it a like. 


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