Weekly Advice. 

Okay, so, I don’t give advice on this site daily, or even weekly, but today I am. Anyway, I digress before I forget my point. 

Don’t ever let the lofty or mythical or pretentious thoughts percolate within your soul. All you will be creating is scorched fibers of your being. Giving off an unpleasant aroma that will throw off the ability to bring others into the blessings of The Lord. We are not to be pretentious enough to think that when we are called to bring someone to The Lord that it is our own doing that creates a lofty place. It is His doing and His alone that will create the change, not only in them, but also throughout our world. 

You want to change the world? Do it one person at a time by being the character of Christ. Meditate and think on these things. Let them percolate through the filter of love and goodness. In this way, The Holy Spirit can make them pure. 


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