Are We Listening?

The key of communication is to listen, then respond. I like to think the key of my writing for the last two and a half years, nearly every day would elicit a response. It has, albeit, not to the level I had hoped. 

Too many of us are happy to sit idly by and let the world go on around us tearing itself apart. It is no longer that way for a friend of mine. She posted on her facebook that she wished to help Syria. As long as I have known her, 12 or 13 years now, she has always had a kind heart toward people. 

I haven’t asked her yet, but I truly wonder what was it that would elicit such a response one day like that? I find that amazing about people. We are moving along and one day, all seems fine. We sit up in bed, as if from a dream, and immediately felt compelled into some sort of action. 

Whether it be to change our lives or change the world, something wakes up within us. What is it that would elicit a response from you? Where do your passions lie? Maybe this post alone has elicited a response within your soul? If so, good! If not, well, maybe it’s just not the right time. 

The elicitation of any response need not be explicit to elicit action. You could feel elicited to smile or hug someone. Maybe you are being asked to pay for someone’s coffee, or gas, or grocery bill. When we elicit to help our fellow human beings it is never coming from a negative space. We need to remember that! And we need to act upon that elicitation more often. God is calling out to us all on a constant basis. Are we listening? 

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