I have been watching a show on Netflix called You Live In What? And the episode I am on now, as with a few others, talks about a couple who have renovated an old school house. 

The photos of what they found would have caused me to simply tear down the building! Unbelievable damage and even the stairs to get in were so dilapidated!! Of course, I can only use stairs if I am willing to crawl up and down them. As proven yesterday, for my wife, I will! I am dedicated to being a helper suitable for her, even when my body doesn’t want to work. 

But, with this particular schoolhouse the tour informed me that teachers 100 plus years ago would typically live on the property. I find that amazing! Especially since this amazing redone schoolhouse was in the middle of the woods! No town around!! Imagine the dedication it would take from the teacher to get to town to get supplies, for the school or life! Imagine the dedication of the students having to walk from probably miles around to get to school. 

And then my brain took a darker turn. The teacher lived on the property in the school. I wondered, was there ever a time when students arrived for school and would find the teacher unbelievably ill, or worse, dead?! Some teachers back then were so dedicated to teaching that they never married. This would mean when the students went home they were alone. That is a lot of dedication to stay alive, and stay connected to others. 

Just an interesting thought prompted by a favorite show that had inspired me to find a unique home some day for my bride and me. For I am eternally dedicated to her. 


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