It has been said the American dream is gone. Is there one specific American dream? Can’t each and every American have a different dream and pursue it? When did the American dream begin? And finally, when did the American dream die, if only in some people’s minds?

I watched a show tonight on my Netflix about a man who is a multi-millionaire, possibly a billionaire (they didn’t really discuss it in episode one). He is from England and he sells classic cars, I mean cars that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. During the first episode one of the buyers said he buys cars because it is a status symbol of his success. Is this the American dream, even though it is in England? 

Is the American dream all about status, money, the high-paying job or title and position? Or can it be something else? The second show I watched was about two men on motorcycles traveling to different locations across America to see if American optimism still exists. That is truly what the description says. Could this be the American dream? 

What if the American dream is simply being happy where we are and doing what we do? Why can’t that be the American dream. What is your idea of the American dream? If you don’t even live in America, do you have a dream for your own country? Is there an England dream, or France dream, Belgium dream or African dream? 

I guess I need to go to sleep because my mind is set on dreams. Earlier tonight I had been watching videos on YouTube of farmers finishing their harvest, so I will be having dreams of driving a tractor in the fields. That is my dream. Lots of thoughts of dreams and I am sure my editor will just say, ‘Go to sleep J.C.!!’ So, good night my blogging friends around the globe. May you fulfill your dreams during the day and if you are in the night shift now, may you be receiving a restful night. 

4 thoughts on “Questions. 

  1. i guess it depends on one’s mindset. some people equate success or fulfilling their dream with having lots of the material things in life and some just don’t care about them but instead feel fulfilled doing the things that make them happy. 🙂


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