Our Daily Post Prompters must be from The United States of America, or is Black Friday Chaos a thing all over the world? Here I thought we cornered the market on greed and money. 

In all seriousness, I work in retail. Black Friday has now been moved to a Thursday routine in most shopping places I know. Why? I assume corporate greed. Have you ever noticed how money always leads to chaos? Always. 

The money machines that blow the money around, chaos. All the tiny moving parts in a cash register or a slot machine, ring around to chaos before giving out your money. Cash registers, break down. Trust me, I use them every day. 

Chaos always follows money. And another example is self-checkouts. They breakdown, but there is only one person in charge of at least eight registers. What happens? Chaos! 

Ironically, The Joker in The Dark Knight Rises, burns his part of the money before introducing chaos to Gotham City. When a person introduces chaos and doesn’t care about being paid, doesn’t that make them more sadistic? Money is the root of all evil. It always brings chaos. 

More money, more problems? That’s chaos. Can you think of a time where money doesn’t bring chaos? And on today of all days we shouldn’t want to introduce chaos. Let’s be safe and friendly out there today. 


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