Aroma Of Your Heart.

When I think of today’s Daily Post Word Pungent what comes to mind is stinky, decay, forgotten, sour, eroding. But the word that really cuts to the core when I think of pungent is Infectious. 

In the film, Facing The Giants, the coach says, ‘Your attitude is like the aroma of your heart.’ If your attitude is not right, your heart won’t be in it. And attitude is very infectious. When you have an attitude, whether it be a good one or a bad one, it will permeate those around you. Don’t let your attitude be pungent. Your attitude should always be like a fragrant rose garden. I am not saying you can’t express the full gamet of emotions, but be ready for the repercussions when your attitude is pungent. Others will be brought up or brought down with you. 

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