I Have A Goal. 

My goal is to become a paid blogger. However, in order for that to happen, I need hundreds of views per day. And in order for that to happen, I need tens, if not hundreds, of posts per day! 

I am a writer. I often wonder though, would the world care about my every thought? I have a goal of becoming paid to blog, but I cannot do it without you. You are needed in my plan. The thousands of people you know, or you, and you, and you, and yes, even you reading this know– I need to be set in front of those people for this blog to grow. How do I do that?

Some people come to my blog once and well, I wasn’t their cup of tea. Or, I wasn’t what they expected with that one post, so they don’t bother reading the thousands (yes, after almost three years of this there literally are THOUSANDS of posts to read) of other posts to see if there is something that resonates with them at that moment. 

Or, maybe further still, they read something and it doesn’t resonate with them today, but who’s to say it won’t resonate on another day? It’s all about good vibrations, my friends. Good vibrations make good music. And good vibrations can reach the outer most parts of space and time. Is this blog one of those things that can resonate that far? I would like to think so, but so far, the ripples have only reached a few hundred miles. Can you help it get further today? Do you want to? Or is this blog falling on blind eyes that don’t see its scope? 

I have a goal, but I can’t reach it without you sharing my writing with your loved ones and then going on to do the same. I put at least four hours a day into this blog. Yes, that is only a part time job, but it is every single day. Without fail. I would love to see it succeed. But it is in your car now, will you help drive it further and have your loved ones view it and look around? I won’t reach my goal without you. 


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