Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright. 

The Sandbox Writing Challenge asks the question, Does seeing problems as mysteries change your perspective? I had to revisit this question today because I have known quite a few people today who have had a day that has been off from normal. 

We live in a world that sometimes seems controlled by troubles. Events we can’t control, hurt feelings, a misunderstood word, a mis understood action. The list could go on. We often don’t see these things coming either, do we? Sometimes we can tell that our own actions led to a circumstance, but sometimes we feel like David, or worse, like Job! 

Sometimes we are tossed into a deep, dark pit and seem to never be given a second thought. Sometimes every single thing in our life is taken away except our very life itself. We are left to pick up the pieces. 

What would change if we could see all these events coming? What would we do? What if these very events are meant to shape and mold something great in our future? Today, my editor has had a rough, tough day! Spiritually she has taken a beating today and she’d many tears over one thing after another, after another. It doesn’t seem fair! ‘What is God trying to tell me?!’ She asked. 

Too often we think if only we can see the stumbling blocks in life that we can avoid them, but sometimes, they are set in motion long before we ever knew they would come into being. By then, it’s like the Titanic. We want to turn away, but the best thing we can do when we see it is to hit it head on. 

To see things as a mystery should help us notice that we have overcome many other unseen mysteries before. We are at this point in our journey having survived a sea of unknowns! It should change our perspective to look at things as mysteries because we have proven in our past that mysteries can be solved. 

What are you wanting to see ahead to? A job loss? A new career path? An illness? A loss of a person in your life one way or another? These are all mysteries that you won’t be able to uncover until you journey forward, so just keep moving in faith that everything is gonna be alright. 

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