Where Will We Go?

Today’s Daily Prompt Word is Culture. Ironically, our culture here in America has become a culture in a Petrie dish. Millions of cultures running together. We are the melting pot, right? 

But lately, for the last sixty years or so, our culture has begun to boil over. And I have never seen a culture so hot-tempered as this one in 2016 before. Of course, we are a mix of cultures and in that mix any culture can be seen as taken over by another. The Great Experiment of culture in America, has it always been this way? It has. 

That is, after the Europeans got here. Or was it that way before? Yes, it was. For whatever reason, differences always clash. Always have and probably always will. 

A culture in a scientific lab is meant to grow something. Usually a virus or a bug. Do other cultures grow like we do here in America? No. typically not, because they are all of one mind. They love the way their country is and they all agree with it and get along. They say, ‘Well, if you don’t like it, move.’ But if we say that here, we are racist. Funny how that works, huh? 

Cultures are all meant to grow together. They are meant to blend. Is a blend possible any longer in our culture in America? Was it ever? I honestly wonder if having so many differing ideas eating at the same pie is a good idea. Yes, good ideas and new ideas are great for growth, but what about when they are in conflict? One culture on the Petrie dish will always attack a foreign substance and over take it. Maybe the Petrie dish of America was not such a great idea for a culture because we are all different cultures. It’s been proven in science. Cultures attack other cultures in the microscopic world, why would we expect anything different in the human world? 

I could go on and on and around and around with different ideas about cultures. All cultures have good and bad within them. I would love to see all cultures of the world come together in complete peace, but it has been proven this cannot be. Or can it? What are your thoughts? 

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