Christmas Faded. 

When we were kids the magic of Christmas was alive and well. Santa Claus came to our little town on a big red fire truck. We never questioned why he didn’t have his sleigh. 

As years move on, our belief faded away. Why? Why do we allow that to happen? Miracles exist! Things in this world happen we can’t explain. And yet, our imagination faded. 

I would love to see a Christmas season where Faith and belief come alive again. We need to bring back the joy and amazement we had as children. Bring it back into the light from the faded background of the shadows. 

We need to bring so many things back that have faded away, but during this beginning of the Christmas season, I want to bring back Faith, Hope, Joy, Love, Family, Togetherness. I have the awesome honor of spending this Christmas with my in-laws!! My father-in-law has Alzheimer’s so many of his memories have faded. I want to help bring some of them back this year. My mother-in-law has recommended me to be the pastor at the nursing home Christmas Eve service. I can’t even tell you the honor this Christmas season will hold for me being able to speak to a room of people who are in their sunset years. As the sun fades in their skies, I hope to bring back those moments when they were children and the sunrise couldn’t come fast enough to see the miracles left for them those mornings so long ago. 

I want to encourage you all today to not let your family traditions and memories fade this season. Be together. Relationships is why we were created and our families are meant to be our closest. I implore you to help your family and the families of those closest to you to not fade away. Bring to mind the memories of Chrismases past. 

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