Communication With God. 

Taking inspiration from an obsession with lists, we challenge you to create in sets of threes

When I think of writing in 3’s at 3:23a.m. (To my editor, yes, I am fully aware I should be asleep, but insomnia plagues me!!) the first thought of 3 that comes to mind for me is The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

God the Father always was, as was and is The Son. Although we don’t see The Son, Jesus Christ, in the flesh in the moment, we do feel His presence in The Holy Spirit. The blessing of The Holy Spirit is He is not in a box as far as space or time. He can be felt by anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

That premonition that you should go right instead of left? God’s whisper. You can thank The Holy Trinity for that. Most people are confused by The Holy Trinity. It is not an easy thing to understand. God always was. His ways are perfect. We screwed that up with our free will. Human beings always only think of self. Self preservation, self accolades, self promotion. I am guilty of it too. It’s who we are. 

So, God had to send a way for us to be with Him. He is perfect. He is Holy. To be United with Him we needed someone to cover our faults. Enter Jesus Christ. Now, He always was and always will be too, but He was only on this Earthly plane for approximately 33 years (give or take). He was sent to Earth by God. Then called back after ‘It was finished.’ But He’s coming again. He goes between Heaven and Earth for us. He went between Earth and Hell for us and beat that, so no worries there. 

The final part of the trinity is The Holy Spirit that remains within and around each and every one of us after The Ascension of Jesus Christ. We can no longer see His physical body, but we know He is still here through His Holy Spirit. If you pay attention you can see it every where. The sunset, the trees, the grass, every human being on Earth exhibits Jesus Christ in some way. 

The Holy Trinity is always with us. We just need to pay attention and answer the other side of the communication. 


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