Drawn Together As One. 

I was looking for a YouTube video to incorporate into my posts for today’s Daily Post Word Fade. And I was able to find a song from Suicide Squad!!! I love it when my interests come together and I can share this with all of you!! 

It’s awesome when two can fade into one and become a stronger team. I feel that way with my wife. We make it work. We communicate through. Sometimes we don’t, but that’s usually because we need to think it through on our own first. I have noticed in the almost 5 years of our relationship nothing has faded, it has grown stronger and brighter!! And this song has inspired me to share that with you. 

If you feel your relationship has faded, see it through. Bring new light and life into it. Communicate. Discuss. Argue. But most of all, love and respect one another. Do that and nothing will fade away. 


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