Memories Faded. 

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I have now been alive for 40 years, 9 months and 4 days. In all that time, I have many memories that have faded. I have many memories that have stuck with me like sand on my skin at the beach too. Maybe that is a bad analogy, I don’t mean that the memories that have stuck are painful. Although, some are. 

I have many great memories, but time often fades away the details. For example, I can remember my sister’s 12th birthday. It is in January. There is always snow on the ground and on her 12th Birthday she took time away to pull me on this little black sled with a steering wheel. It was shaped like the batmobile, or something along those lines. 

The rest of that day has faded, but I still remember that. Same sister during Christmas of 2010, we were in Boise, Idaho as a family. I was going through a terrible rough patch in my life and she took me to the only place in Boise, Idaho that had a possibility of karaoke. I had to laugh when we got there because the place had one, single person in it. The man reminded me of a Motown singer, I think he may have actually been one. And he was singing Motown songs. We asked him if I could do some karaoke and he had me sing my sister a love song. He thought we were a couple! We laughed about that! It was a fun night! 

We all have memories that we will remember forever and we all have memories that will slip through our brains like the sands of time. It’s life. My wife and I are watching her father fade away due to Alzheimer’s. We walk in Willmar, Minnesota and raise money every year. Everyone deserves to remember, we say. 

I have many memories. Some good, some bad. That’s just how it goes. But as time and memory fades away, I know nothing fades away forever. Eternity holds our home and that will never fade away. 


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