I grew up in a small town/village called Echo. It was platted in 1884 and is called Echo because it is in Echo Township in Minnesota. 

I grew up on a 480 acre farm 4 miles Northwest of Echo and I think it is called Echo because if you are on the farm and shout it echos all around. Funny part is, the farm is not in any valley. We are close to a valley, but geographically the farm is the highest point of Yellow Medicine County. 

Lakes, streams, rivers, campgrounds, farmland. All of these are within a fifteen minute drive of Echo, Minnesota. Echo also has a charter school where my dad was the principal from 1998 to just a couple years ago. He and my mom are now enjoying their retirement and spend some time on the farm in Echo, but T doesn’t seem like much. That’s okay though! Grandkids will do that. 

They have 4 grandkids now that live nowhere near Echo! Time tends to spread families out these days. But ask any one of us kids where home is and we will tell you, a little slice of Heaven on a farm outside of Echo, Minnesota. 

If you get a chance you should come visit. My brother and his wife live full-time on the farm and raise pasture-raised pork. It is a great operation! My wife visited the farm when we first started dating 4 years ago and fell in love. I tease her and say she is only with me because of access to the farm. Here is just a few photos from the family farm. Come to Echo and check out the farm for yourself someday. 


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