A Little Story Of My Day. 

I need to share this story with my readers. I was not scheduled to work today, but my wife and I are traveling for Christmas and I thought, ‘Well, we could really use the extra income if I worked an extra day.’ That’s not the part of the story I want to talk about, work was truly a blessing today. 

Would you like to know another blessing on my day? Our dog, Rollie. I woke up this morning and he was nowhere to be found. I called out to him and for many minutes, nothing! My mind went into panic mode. I began to construct stories in my head, ‘Oh my God! He’s dead!’ ‘Lord! Please don’t tell me my wife woke up and he was sick and is now in the veterinary clinic!!’ 

Suddenly, I heard his collar jingle as he shook, as dogs often do. Thank God! He’s in the basement! So, I called out to him again, ‘Rollie! Come on boy! Come on puppy! Come to daddy!’ Slowly, and laboriously, he made his way up the stairs. I know how he feels. He’s getting up there in dog years and movement has never been a strong suit of his. But, he made it upstairs and I began to weep and hug him. Seriously, he’s like a furry, four-legged child to me!! To think that one day in the not so distant future he won’t be here anymore breaks my heart!! 

I wanted to use this story as an example of how our human brains work. We often construct meanings and stories in our minds that end up not being true. We all do it. ‘Well, what if she/he did this?’ Or ‘what if this happened and I don’t know about it.’ You know we all do it. We need to be careful in the meanings we construct. If they happen to be wrong we are not only putting ourselves through un-needed stress, but we could be harming others involved as well. 

Even The Bible warns against worry and gossip. Just don’t do it. Don’t build walls in your mind that don’t need to be there. Communicate the truth, even when it hurts so others can know they will always get the way things are from you. Don’t spend your time constructing walls of division. 

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