Storing Up Treasures. 

I admit, I sometimes wish to be one of those who has a super nice house with special lighting, either throughout or in a single room, that holds my panoply of treasures. The only problems with that are, I have not a really nice house with special lighting and I have not any special collection of anything. 

On the flip-side of this thought once again comes The Bible. We are not to store up treasures on Earth where moth and rust destroy, Matthew 6:19. And then comes the question, What would I collect to display? I am a fan of Star Wars. I am a fan of radio broadcasting. Part of my career is mobile D.J. I like cartoons. I love The Bible. What items would I collect a panoply of anyway? I could collect Radio things, or d.j. things, but I’d want to use them. 

I guess I am not the collector type, so a panoply of anything is not in my future. 


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