Trying To Find My Blogging Voice. 

I have had a few people now tell me that my blog is hard to follow because I don’t really have a specific topic on which I write. I try to write about things that will inspire and empower people. And I always write about my faith, because my faith is so deeply woven into who I am. 

Maybe that isolates me into turning people off of my blog because they see a post that is deep in philosophical faith rhetoric and they say, ‘Oh, it’s one of THOSE blogs!!’ People are afraid of matters of faith, I find. Either they don’t believe it to be possible, or true. Or, more often than not they have had some traumatic experience where they blame God. It happens, but I am getting off track and on a soap box I don’t want to be on right now. 

My blog lacks a course. I want it to be one of inspiration and one of relationships. That is what I truly adore– relationships. I firmly believe that is the reason human beings exist. We exist to relate and to nurture and grow together and help. 

I always find it hard to ask for help with my blog because everybody has an opinion. And to be honest, 99.9% I feel are not misguided, and not that they are not helpful, but they just don’t come from a point of view that has been helpful to me. I dunno. 

I am full of a lot of thoughts on this tonight. I am full on many thoughts. I have spent my day watching shows that are the subject matter of homesteading and self-sufficient way of life. The common thread in all of them is people working together. I guess that is what is really on my mind tonight. 

Thanks for listening, blogger friends and non-blogger friends and family who care about what I write. Just a introspective night trying to hone my skills as a writer and get focused. It’s all good, but I really wanted my blog to be further than it has become after three years of day in and day out writing. 

4 thoughts on “Trying To Find My Blogging Voice. 

  1. I wasn’t aware that our blogs were supposed to be cohesive or have a subject matter making them easy to follow. Call me silly but I’m a firm believer that our blogs should be a safe place for us to express our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, grievances, etc. Our blogs are an expression of our creativity and we should post about whatever drives said creativity! Keep up the good work!

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