You Are A Sacred Being. 

To be held Sacred is to be held in highest esteem. Reverence. Awe. Majesty. Honor are all words used in description of Sacred. Religious rather than secular. I am not too keen on that last sentence. We live in a world that does not believe the same. We are not all of one mind. Some minds do not follow religion or any practices thereof. So, to say that something can’t be held Sacred without religion cuts off a good chunk of the population of the world. 

We can hold our bodies as Sacred. To see them as something for which great care is needed. What we reap we also shall sew. What we plant in people’s minds and hearts we shall also see grow. That, to me, is something to be held Sacred. If more people would hold that notion as Sacred maybe we would take greater care in how we interact with every single person in our circle of influence. 

Can you imagine a world where every single human life was held as Sacred? 


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