On A Journey. 

In the film Phenomenon John Travolta’s character George Malley has just heard the news he is dying from a brain tumor. The love of his life has two children, a boy and a girl, who are trying to understand how it is fair that they are just getting to know him and he is going to die. 

He takes them to a fence line and shares an apple with them. ‘If we take this apple and place it in the ground, it will grow fruit. But if we can share this apple, we take a part of it with us, forever.‘ The same is true for people. George Malley goes on to say, ‘We all are on our way to some place.’ Its true. We are all on a journey. 

One day, all of our bodies will cease to exist on Earth. Does that mean we disappear? No. We are all on our way to some place. Our bodies may change, but the energy does not cease to be. We never fully vanish when someone loves us. And God loves us all so much that He gave His Only Son to beat death and Hell for us. All we need to do is accept that as truth and it shall be. 

Millions of things seem to vanish from the Earth every single day. Millions upon millions of people, places and things exist, go on living and one day die without millions upon millions of us ever having known they lived. Does that mean that they simply disappear?? No. 

We need to stop thinking of life as an end, a vanishing of the body and soul. It simply is not true, even by scientific standards. Energy can never be vanished. It simply changes forms. 

Where will this journey lead? I honestly don’t know. But I have faith that it is somewhere good and beautiful. And goodness and mercy can never truly vanish when we have that belief in our soul. 

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