Out Of Sight Out Of Mind. 

In World War II the German people often denied that anything bad was happening in their own land. History has proven this happened and it has proven the bad things actually occurred. 

Just because we turn a blind eye to atrocities going on all around us does not mean they simply vanish. We need to accept that bad things happen and then we need to find a way to combat against them. Just because we don’t know something is happening, or won’t admit that it is happening even if we know, does not make it simply vanish into thin air and take it away. 

Bad actions cause bad pain. We wonder why the world is crying out? It’s because we think someone else will solve the issues. We believe we can just sit back and let someone else take care of the burden. If we would all step up and clean out the burdens for others there would be far less burdens in the world. 

Can we work together and actually help others so their pain may vanish? One world, united together, as one humanity. Is that possible, please? 

In order to do that, you need to see the world. You need to view it through eyes of compassion. You need to see it through hands that will take action. Together we can make troubles vanish. 


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