Positive Actions Today. 

We must communicate and relate with our loved ones today. They are here today, but if we try to speak with them tomorrow they may have vanished. Life goes by in an instant. Speaking with our loved ones when they have gone is a terribly one-sided conversation. 

My sister called me on the Monday following Thanksgiving. I didn’t make an opportunity to call her back until Friday. I ended up leaving a voicemail message and here it is Monday night and we still haven’t been able to connect. 

Then there are the countless other friends I have in the world. It often seems like many have vanished. I am here and they are there, but there has been little in between. I know it takes two to tango, but there are many people I dearly miss in my daily life. 

It’s funny how life does that, isn’t it? Best friends one moment, then life happens and takes you in two different directions. Too often people allow this to happen in the most intimate of relationships too, marriage. We spend most of our time at work, away from one another, twenty years passes and we wake up next to a stranger. And we all to often are not willing to find that best friend we lost. Thankfully, Jesus is. His Word tells us that He will leave the 99 to find the one that has strayed. Is Jesus looking for you tonight? Has He vanished from your sight? He is still there, calling out to you. 

We need to reignite those relationships we hold so dear. They are fragile and can vanish in an instant if we don’t keep a handle on them. I hope this post will encourage someone out there to make a connection that was lost. A family member, or a dear friend may be needing your care right now. Are you feeling a pull towards someone as you read these words? That is The Holy Spirit calling to you to reconnect. Don’t let your loved ones vanish without knowing how much they mean to you tonight. 


2 thoughts on “Positive Actions Today. 

  1. Excellent post! Reconnecting can be so freeing and healing at the same time. I think we can all bring to mind one person who we have missed in our lives. Bringing to mind the special act of sending a Christmas card. Writing the note that say’s, hey, I am still here and although another year has past, I am thinking of you:) Timely word for this season. Thank you for sharing your insightful words of advice and encouragement!

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