Another Late Night Thought. 

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I, along with my wife, have a dog and two cats. We speak to them frequently like they are our children. Don’t do that! Get down from there. Come on, you can do it! You know the drill. 

And I am sure there are people all over the globe who do this with their pets. We speak English to our pets. I am sure someone in France speaks French to their pets. While German people speak German to their pets and Mexican families speak Spanish to their pets. The list could go on and on. We are all human beings who love our pets as family and we often speak to them as our own children. It happens. 

So, are the pets wired in different countries to understand the language of that country? What if, right now, there is a dog in France who sadly only understands English and is looking at his owner like, ‘Look bro! I love you and all, but I don’t understand a word you are saying! We gotta work on this language barrier because my dog life depends on it!’ 

These are the thoughts that creep into my brain from too much internet at 12:30a.m. here in Minnesota!! 


One thought on “Another Late Night Thought. 

  1. This is great! My wife and I do the same. When our son was born I was quite terrified as there wasn’t much of a difference in the way we talked with him and our dogs. Oh well!

    The language barrier for dogs is interesting too. The same goes for K-9 units as they are trained to respond in German. Reason being, no one else who they are searching for, will be able to command them unless they have a solid understanding of the language.

    Thanks for making me think this morning!

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