I Just Wanted You To Know. 

Photo from a google search for last words that led to http://www.celebrationchurchlive.com check it out here http://www.celebrationchurchlive.com/2014/12/31/final-words/


Being the best I can be for everyone I encounter. 

Knowing it doesn’t come from me. 

These are things I hope I leave behind. All day I have writing about Vanishing. So, I wanted to end today by talking about my own. 

Actually it was The Sandbox Writing Prompt from a while back that lead to this post. It asked the simple question, Is there anything you have left unfinished? The simple answer would be, Yes! I am not done yet! 

I want to reach the entire world with the possibilities for positivity that it holds! I need everyone on the planet though to not only rally behind that message, but don’t sit idly by about it. I need you all, anyone who reads this to share it. 

Not even the message of Salvation found in Jesus Christ has reached every single man, woman and child in the world. Why? Because we are too afraid to share. There is not one single, solitary message that has ever reached all of humanity. Ever. And sadly, there probably never will be. 

But, if this was to be my last post and after this last key stroke everything else was to be left unfinished I would leave you with this one word. Do. Just do. 

God has given you a message, through me, for me, and for many others. It is a message that only you can share. He has it all woven together in His perfectly constructed plan. But a seed left in the farmers planter won’t reach the fields. 

In order for a positive seed to grow it needs to reach fertile soil. And then, for its own life to continue to produce, it must die. The seed must die and become a plant that will bear fruit. 

If this was my final message to the world, I would want you to know, get your message out there. Change lives! Grow! Don’t be afraid of the pain of growth and the death of the old self to new life! 

Jesus Christ was the creator of The Heavens and The Earth long before He became Incarnate in human form of a baby. He was, is and always will be. As He stated on the cross before His descent into Hell to beat death and Hell for us He stated, It is finished. He completed His task and you need to as well. The world is counting on it. Are you planted in the fertile soil of Him to know how, when and where to grow so you can produce more fruit? Are you afraid of the death to self you will need to endure to help others? It’s not too late if you are reading this. Please help to see that it gets into the soul of someone you know who needs this message. 

As I drift off to my slumber tonight, it could be my last. I just wanted you to know. 


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