Changing It Up. 

Still trying to figure out the roadmap for my blog. My editor sent me an inspiring message this afternoon about a woman who found her niche within the blogging world and her blog exploded to over 100,000 views a day in what seemed to be overnight!! 

My editor said I need to write from the heart. Hmmm, my heart– a heart for people, a heart for serving. She also said I need to personalize my blog and speak more about my own experiences. My life is truly boring. I’m 40. I’m married. I work for Walmart and I D.J. I thought about writing about that, but my editor said since I don’t own the company I probably shouldn’t. 

My heart is a bunch of jumbled thoughts today. I think it may be dehydration, my editor would agree with me. Do you ever feel like your in a great spot in life, but it still feels like there should be more? You need to be doing something else on top of what you are doing. How do you find that? Like I said, lots of thoughts today, and my editor said steer away from the Daily Post and write what’s in my heart. There it is, in all its confusing glory. 


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