My Treasures. 

I am sitting in our house after another long day of work in the world of retail at Walmart. The furnace fan is blowing, a new season of Fixer Upper is on the television, I have a beautiful seafood salad from Walmart on my plate, I am blessed. 

Tomorrow I am getting the car serviced for our trip to Montana in a couple weeks for more treasures. Time on the road with my wife, I treasure those moments. We listen to the radio, we talk, we laugh, it truly is awesome times! I have the opportunity to treasure a new adventure in Montana this year, I get to preach a little Christmas Day sermon!! That is what I wish more people would treasure. 

I had a conversation with the associate pastor of our church a couple days ago about one of the Daily Post Word of the the day words, Martyr. And he brought up the notion of being a martyr to self. Too often we see treasures as things that are important to us. We need to reverse that thinking. 

Our true treasures should be found in the needs and delights of others. As we are in the midst of the Christmas season I pray that we will all think on these things. Not everyone has any material treasures, but they are the ones who would treasure time with someone to listen, be a friend, share a meal, share a hug. Small things can be such a treasure and I hope we can all begin to focus on these things not only in the coming days and weeks, but all year long. 

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