Breakdown In Our Bodies.

Evolution says we are supposed to keep growing stronger. If this is true, why don’t we? 

I am experiencing another one of my breakdown days and it sucks! This was to be a very important weekend for me and what I assume is either the flu or the salad I ate last night is haunting me with a vengeance today. 

Do you ever have days like that? We all do. We all fall down. We all break down. Illnesses hit us. Flu, colds, pneumonia, cancer they all happen. 

But we must keep moving forward! My body is battling against something today and it sucks! I was going to D.J. two shows this weekend, now? My wife is doing at least the show tonight, if not the show tomorrow night too! 

My editor told me yesterday that I need to personalize my blog more. Apparently, with the Daily Post Prompts I am not putting enough of myself into it. Well, this is as real as it gets. I am a human being, born with Spina Bifida so I break down. I get sick. But, I see it through and eventually I will be feeling up to par again. 

Are you going through a difficult time today? Is something in your life breaking down? Is it able to be fixed by you? Every problem has a solution. Sometimes the solution is to just ride out the storm. 

Stay the course, my friend. There is beauty in the breakdowns. It is okay to stop and rest and if you need to more than anyone else in your life, that is okay too. 

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