The Greatest Gift Of Christmas. 

I am delivering a sermon for Christmas with my in-laws. Today I am working on what I want to share and it all comes down to today’s Daily Post Word Prompt Abide. 

We often get lost in the questions of the season, or the legalism of it. ‘Jesus wasn’t really born in December.’ ‘Celebrating Santa or Christmas trees is not Christian.’ ‘Do the celebration traditions have roots in Christianity or other worldly religions?’ We have lost the original point of Jesus birth. God wants to abide with us. 

The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus was in the beginning. He is The Word of God. He was The Word of God and He became human flesh. He was with God in Eternity and came to Earth as a baby. He did that so He can be along side us. He did that so He can acknowledge that He knows what we are going through as human beings. He did that so we can see The Way to salvation. 

Amazingly, while Jesus was here on Earth there were those close to Him who still didn’t believe in Him. They were unable to tolerate that their old traditions were now null and void. Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life (John 14:6). Even though they didn’t accept His truths and believe, they were still abiding in Him. To abide means stand by, go along with, respect. 

This world has people who believe in Jesus Christ and His Way of salvation, and this world has people who not only don’t, but won’t believe. These feelings of disbelief often come from a place of great pain. Pain from a human perspective often causes us to be ‘gun-shy’ about future events. Even Christ didn’t want to experience pain, remember His prayer in the garden? Father, if it be thy will, let this cup pass from me. 

He has always been abiding with The Father, because He and The Father are one. It is through the example of Jesus Christ and through His death and resurrection we can now abide with God. In this season of Christmas, I ask you, will you now abide with Him? Take a closer walk with Him today and get to know The Christ Child and the man who took the cross and thought of you. It will be the greatest gift you will ever receive. 

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