Discover The Miracles.

Mystical, spiritual mystery. In my world of Christianity there is indeed a spiritual mystery. 

I worship a God who most claim is unseen, but I see Him every day. I see Him this morning in the freshly fallen snow that blankets our town. All the dirt and fallen decay are now covered by a white blanket, a fresh canvas on which we can create new and beautiful things. Then the snowplow comes by and disrupts the beauty with piles of snow and ice. He literally drove by as I typed that, talk about mystic! 

Our entire world though is covered in great mysteries we have yet to uncover. And God, as I see Him, is sitting right next to us whispering, ‘That’s it! Keep going! Discover a little more. I have many great things for you.’ 

I worship a God who is ever present and always an encourager, even when it seems as though everything is going wrong. I know it’s not Him dealing me a nasty hand. There are dark mysteries in our world as well. They have power here as long as we let them. Our attitude toward these things can give them power, or take it away. 

We live in a world of unseen forces. And that, my friends, is the most mystical of all. Will you enjoy the discovery of these things, or will you let them bring you down in times of darkness? The choice is up to you. 

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