Friendly Sandbox!!

This week The Sandbox Writing Challenge asks, Have you done anything lately to make someone smile? Now, this may seem like an easy thing to do, but The Sandbox wants to encourage us to grow. The key point that The Sandbox wants us to ponder is when did we go out of our way to make someone smile. 

Ah, I want to tell you another story of my time at Walmart. I have the opportunity as a cashier to meet many a variety of people. Every once in a while I meet that person that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has a plan for me there. There have been times I have felt my job is beneath me. After all, I have a college degree that I received with a 3.3 GPA. How could I ever be considered successful without the title of manager? How would I ever make enough money to support my wife as a lowly cashier? My dear friends, life is more than money and titles. 

One day a woman came through my line, it was right around this same time last year this occurred. She had just become a widow. Her husband unexpectedly passed away. Life happens like that. But God knew what He was doing. He brought that woman through my line and we spoke for a while and by the end of our time together she felt better and she genuinely smiled at me. We hugged and she said, ‘God had a reason for us to meet and I am glad He did. Before I met you I wanted to die to be with my husband, now I know there is more to do.’ She smiled through her tears at me and was on her way.

To this day I have yet to see her again. I often wonder what became of her. Is she happy and healthy this year? Did God bring about new relationships for her? Perhaps it is not for me to know. I do know that she came into my line for five minutes and we shared a hug and a smile that I will never forget. 

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