Some Days The Fish Don’t Bite. 

Fishing for comments, fishing for clues, fishing for answers, fishing for more blog views (guilty). What does fishing involve? 

We put ourselves out there. We dangle something in the water that we think others will find desirable and time goes by, no bites. Not even a nibble.

Why are we seeking approval of others? Why do we put ourselves out there wanting everyone to see that what we offer is worth their time? Because we are created as relational beings, that’s why.

But we always create our relationships on superficial things, don’t we? Looks, money, what can you provide for me. And why do we do this? Because the world has taught us from day one that we need to look out for ourselves. We need to reverse that thinking. 

Our fishing needs to become for people to know Jesus and the best they can be through Him. If we would all be of one accord what a world it would be. You were created for a purpose. Find it and use it to glorify The Father. 

I am still working on this too. Sometimes I fish too much and throw out too many things. If we would just communicate all of our thoughts I think we would all come along better together. 


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