The Disciples.

We get the word Discipline from the disciples. They dropped everything, literally everything to follow Jesus and learn His ways of treating people. 

At the time, many of them didn’t know what they were in for. Most believed He is the Messiah because they saw Him do great works and miracles. They were mostly fishermen by trade and even in that profession they had to have some sort of discipline and faith that the fish would bite. But, Jesus had a different plan. 

‘I shall make you fishers of men.’ Said Jesus. 

As a Christian, I am called to share the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ. That’s a lot like fishing. I need to have faith that I won’t fail no matter the outcome of the situation. I have come across many people who don’t want to have anything to do with Jesus. And, I, for one, take that responsibility very personal. 

Brennan Manning once sad, ‘The single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians. Who acknowledge Christ with their lips and deny Him with their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.’ That is so true. We have forgotten who The Savior is. We have forgotten what He called us to do. 

What does it mean to be a fisher of men? It means to create relationships. It means to have conversations with anyone and everyone. That’s one of the reasons I began this blog. I want to show anyone who will listen that being positive even in what most will see as difficult circumstances is possible. 

God often uses adversity to draw in people to Himself. It can have completely different effects because we as humanity are often not listening. We are to be His helpers. Anything we do to the least of these, we do to Him. Talk about bait. 

So, what can we use as bait? That sounds like a really bad word when speaking about being a fisher of men, but stay with me. We need to find something in common, which we all do. We don’t even need to look all that far. We are all human beings. That’s a great place to start any thought process when dealing with people. 

We are all in the same water. We are all swimming along. Some of us have been hooked. Some of us have been caught and released. We have more common ground than you realize. To be a fisher of men, start on the common ground and we will all be able to have more than enough to go around. 

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