Weird Confession. 

It has been a rough 24-hours!! Wow! This flu that is going around is no joke! 

This morning I am finally feeling better and keeping clear liquids down, so far. My wife and I just watched While You Were Sleeping. Now, I know what you are thinking, this isn’t gonna be some confession of falling in love etc. etc. You know the story, right? 

No. I adore my wife and love her with all that I am. My confession has to do with this film, though. And many more like it. Are you ready? 

I always love the end credit music of every film! I love the campy, happy music of films like Planes, Trains And Automobiles. I love the upbeat, perky music of Driving Miss Daisy. 

I left this post alone for a couple hours while watching Last Holiday with my wife. It is a movie day here in our house after last night dropped nearly a foot of snow in our sleepy, little village. I have lost the inspiration of where I was trying to go with this post. I hope you all are well. Make today as awesome as you can.

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