Catchy Moods. 

Today’s Daily Post Word is MOOD. The question I want you to ask yourself and truly ponder today is, ‘Is my mood, in its current state, worth catching?’ We are not in control of what life throws at us, it’s true. No matter how much you try to control in life, you don’t have it all under control. None of us do. 

Life happens when you are busy making other plans. I know people who are going through relationship breakups and loss of a job during this time of year. It’s Christmas!! This is meant to be a time of joy and peace, and yet, the entire world is hurting. Diseases, wars, anger, pain, things didn’t turn out the way we wanted them to, but this is how it is. It’s happening all over the world. And people are letting it affect their mood. 

We are a global collective. We need to understand that we are related. God created every single one of us. So when one of us hurts, or does harm, it hurts and does harm to all of us. Our moods reverberate around the world. Why do so many not watch the news any longer? Because the news presents the pain to which we want to stay blind! 

We have moods, and they are not always happy or good. But, we can let them propel us into something happy and good. Our mood should fuel us to action! When we encounter a bad mood, we should be thrust into action to make change. The world will feel it if enough of us do this. Are you with me? 

Let us spread joy and peace not only this Christmas season, but every day of the remainder of our lives. Just like Mary didn’t know what Jesus would accomplish when she birthed Him in that stable, we don’t know what we can accomplish when we seek something greater than ourselves and our own moods. 

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