Minnesota Mood!!

Today is a sad, terrible day in Minnesota. We are experiencing temperatures well below zero, I have seen some actual temps on Facebook that have read 30 below zero!!! That’s cold!! 

On top of that, our Minnesota Vikings are playing The Indianapolis Colts and even in an indoor game are frozen!! It is a terrible showing of our team today. But, through good and bad, we still love them. Our playoff chances are fleeting every week and dropping like the temps, but we still love them. 

Everyone in Minnesota seems to be longing for spring in our state. We get frozen moods and frozen hearts with this deep freeze of a cold! This is meant to be a season of loving and giving and warm hearts, but today everything is frozen. We need the warmth of spring. We need the sun on our faces. We need the warm green and red and yellow and blue colors of spring. We need to see some of the two feet of snow we now have melting. I hope this helps- Antonio Vivaldi created a masterpiece that warms my heart every time I hear it no matter my mood. Listen to it here. And be blessed today, my friends. Where ever you are, make today a positive actions day. I have. I hope this brings a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart and home. 

Springtime by Vivaldi


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