What Have You Done With Him?

Positive moods birth positive actions. Negative moods birth negative actions. And then there are the times that positive actions trump all the negative moods that mean to stop its spread. 

Take Christianity, there was no room in the inn, yet He was born. There was not even one of His Disciples to claim His Glory and the truth that He Is God at His crucifixion, yet He was risen and defeated Hell and death. 

His mood was mostly peaceful until the money changers tried to make His Father’s House into a marketplace. Then a Holy Anger was unleashed and He cleaned house. He is the prince of peace. But will our negative moods create a Holy anger once again? 

We are all in this together and we need to know, not just realize, but KNOW that HE IS KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!! Everyone in the universe will answer to Him. Does that leave you with a positive mood or negative one? Perhaps that reaction is due to what you have done with Him so far. It’s not too late. 

Dear Father, 

Thank you for becoming flesh and coming to us as a real, tangible, relateable being. Your Son is the greatest gift this world has ever known, Lord. I pray that this Christmas season not only be filled with moods of Love, Peace and Giving, but that those who still need to know you become closer to you and accept the gift of a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. May the noises that surround us this season be brought to peace like the baby Jesus laying in the manger in the barn. Amen. 

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