When Will We Learn?

I am in my evening devotions and prayers tonight and God laid upon my heart this nugget of wisdom– 

Satan would hold absolutely no power over this world if all those who believe in the power of Jesus and the commission He gave to His follower would simply do what He said. He gave us His Power! We have the power to create miracles! We have the power to change lives!! 

Right now, as I type this, someone is somewhere in the world rising for the day and getting ready. They want to be a miracle, but they don’t know how. Listen. Let God direct your day. He will bring situations and people into your daily life where you can be His Hands, His Feet, His Voice and most of all, His Love!! When we truly believe and we live out that belief, Satan is dead! Satan has been beaten!! Why are we not being Jesus to the world who so desperately needs Him every moment of our day??! When will we learn He left us with His power!! His ability to speak with The Father and take away evil and beat Satan at every turn has been provided in us through His Holy Spirit!! 

Jesus Wins Today if we all stand up and use what He taught us and gave us!!! When will we learn??! 

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