A Journey From The Heart. 

Image from a google search which led to http://www.smilesforall.com

I started the research today for today’s Daily Post Word FORTUNE where I do everything I write. I look for a quote from which I can draw inspiration. 

I am a researcher and that means looking at things from another’s point of view. Taking in the efforts of another. When it comes to fortune, I believe our fortunes, our true fortunes, come from others. 

Fortunes are often thought to be monetary or some tangible thing upon which we have placed value. What if a true fortune is found in a peaceful spirit? What if a true fortune is found in giving everything we have to another? 

It is clearly evident to me that when the world looks at someone one way, I have to, absolutely must, look at it from the opposite point of view. We need to become spiritually minded to see where true value lies. 

Houses, cars, money, valuables, anything that can be owned or bought, these are not the things of fortune, my friends. True fortune is found in the eternal things. Spirit, mind, energy, love, emotions. I have come to realize also that memories hold extreme value because not a single one of us remembers every single moment of our lives. What if we are forgetting the truly cherished moments? 

True fortune can only be found in the spirit. I wish our world would understand that. 


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