Are You Ready For A Change?

I am finding a whole bunch of great old nuggets to bring back to life. Maybe that’s what we all need! We need to be revived to our passions!!


We all experienced this in high school, but, wow! Why must we experience it in adult life? Is it because we never actually grow up?

If I disagree with you on what t.v. Show to watch, what books to read, or what to eat, we are totally cool, but disagree on a presidential candidate, or gay marriage or abortion and all of a sudden I am banished to the loser table.

Guess what– there is no loser table!! We are all just humans being. Being boys, being girls, being carnivores, being meat eaters, being vegetarians, being animal activists, being people activists, being activists of any stay of things, being gay, being straight. As long as you are being you, you are being what God created you to be!!! Why not relate to Him about it?

What a lot of us (yes, me too) fail to realize is, we are all…

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