Can One Blog Post Change The World?

Interested in new thoughts on my old thoughts.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: a“Pride and Joy.”

What is my most prized possession? A few years ago I may have said my car, or the violin I lost in a move somewhere, or maybe my Rat Pack framed poster with Las Vegas casinos showcased, maybe even the hand-painted framed painting I received directly from Thomas Kincade. All of these things could be considered “prized possessions”, but the truth of the matter is, sometime within the next 60-70 years not a single one of them will matter.

What will matter? The human spirit, which lately has been in a rapid decline like we have never seen before in human history. We are on a wrong path, folks! When we prize possessions more than humanity we are a terrible humanity. I am calling it like I see it and I hope this will be a worldwide call…

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