Step Out And Relate.

Still relevant!!!


Today I am craving game nights and hanging out!! For months, other than a few days with my sister, it has been me and my wife.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my bride, but there are so many other people I need in my life and lately, they haven’t been. I am craving togetherness today.

Yesterday I went to The Force Awakens with a few local friends and it truly was a light to my soul to get out and be with people. I have no clue how, or when it happened, but our little town has created an isolation chamber for me.

Most days I am home alone, with my blog, books and radio. Most, okay, all evenings are spent with my wife. And for the past few weeks it’s the same. She comes home after a ten-hour day, starts dinner (which I know I…

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