The Blessing Of A Crisis. 

Bringing new life into old thoughts.


It hit me this afternoon. Look at most crisis’ through time and what happens? People band together.

Someone experiences a loss? People band together.

Someone goes through a devastating illness? People band together.

This even happens in what can be considered happy times. The big game is going on and the team is down by a certain number of points, the fans band together to rally the troops. Hopefully to victory.

Why is it that when we are down we rally together? Why is it when someone experiences a loss we band together? Because of a common goal.

We have more common goals than we realize, friends. We need to band together in this world and make it a better place. Not just in the crisis times, but also in times of celebration, in times of silence, in times of prayer, in times of sadness and joy. In all our…

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